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Cold-weather (up to -12oC) additive for mortar and concrete


The antifreeze WINTERMIX is used to prepare mortar and concrete (including reinforced concrete) for use at ambient temperatures as low as -12°C.


The antifreeze lowers water freezing point and accelerates setting thus is ideal for obtaining a considerable increase in strength, especially at low temperatures, and for eliminating the danger of frost on the concrete. Chloride-free, does not cause corrosion of the embedded steel.

Direction of use

WINTERMIX can be added to the concrete mix after water is added or dispensed in the mixing water. No extension to normal mixing times is necessary.

If concrete is to placed in temperature from +4oC to -1oC the dose is 1 litre, from -1oC to -5oC the dose is 1,5 litre, from -5oC to -12oC the dose is 2,5 litres. Before mixing be sure that aggregates have no ice cover. After adding of Wintermix in cold weather working concrete mix must be placed in 30 minutes time. After placing the concrete must be protected from freezing and cold winds. The minimum concrete temperature before addition of Wintermix must exceed +16°C.


Recommended dosage of WINTERMIX varies between 0.5-2.5 l per 45 kg cement bag depending on the outside temperature.


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