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A polymer admixture based upon Styrene Butadiene Co-polymer for use in concrete, renders, screeds, pointing and repair mortars to provide high levels of water resistance together with significant improvements in durability, tensile and compressive strengths. Also improves bond to substrate.


· Floor screeds and topping including self smoothing underlayments. Ideal background for epoxy and polyurethane finishes.

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Bonding agents. Will bond to concrete, steel, glass, glazed tiles and wood. Concrete repair systems.

Water resistant thin and thick bed adhesives for fixing brick slips, ceramic, tiles, kerbstones, wall capping stones, etc.
· Mortars and renders e.g. mortar between engineering bricks and render onto expanded polystyrene.
. Re-pointing of brickwork.

  • ·  Grouts.
  • ·  Corrosion protection of steel e.g. as a primer for steel and to prevent corrosion of the steel reinforcement of concrete.
    • ·  Sealing old concrete (e.g. garage floors) and asbestos sheets. Anti-dust.
    • ·  Roof screeds. Filling depressions in flat roofs.
    • ·  Waterproof internal lining for swimming pools and concrete water tanks.
    • ·  Correcting wall and floor levels in new buildings, where there has been a design or workmanship problem.

· Improving Glass Reinforced Cement Products.
In addition to the normal benefits obtained from the use of SUPER in cementitious systems, it aids dispersion of the fibres.


· Greatly improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel,
title etc.
· Mixes may be applied in much thinner sections down to 6mm.

· Excellent resistance to water and water vapour. · A high level of resistance to salt permeation.
· Much improved toughness and flexibility.
· Reduced surface dusting of concrete.

· Greatly improved resistance to many chemicals.
· Reduced water: cement ratio for equivalent workability. · Improved frost resistance.
· Carbonation resistance.
· Better protection of steel reinforcement


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