Accelerator of binding for concrete and cementous mixes


Shortens setting times and accelerates hardening of concrete and mortar. Is used for concrete and mortar in low temperatures up to -10oC.Improves quality of the concrete surface.


  • Shortens setting times and accelerates hardening of concrete and mortar mix
  • Improves early-age compressive strengths of the fresh concrete and mortar mixes, especially

    during the first 3 days.

  • Allows cold-weather , up to -10C, concrete applications.
  • Improves the workability of fresh concrete and mortar
  • Not recommended for reinforced concrete, if used rebar must be covered with a polymeric protective coating of the structural adhesive SUPER.

    Direction of use

  1. Additiveiswellstirredbeforeuseandaddedtoconcreteandmortarmixwater.
  2. Recommended dose of the additive vary between 0.5 and 5 L for 50kg cement bag. If used as a cold-weather additive, the more additive is used, the lower temperature can be. Amount of water is reduced accordingly. If used as accelerator, dosage on average is 1 to 3 Lper 50kg cement bag.
  3. In the summer conditions concrete or mortar mix must be worked out in 30 min.


Recommended dosage: 0.5-5.0 l per 50 kg cement bag.


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