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Rust Converter

Water-based polymer system, which converts the corrosion products, fully arrests the corrosion process and forms lasting coating in a dull – black colour.

Corroded metal surfaces, car parts.

Clean the surface to be treated from dirt, fats and rust elements. Shake the liquid well before use. Apply liquid to the surface to be treated with a brush or roller. The surface will start getting dark in a short while. This is indicative of the commencement of the rust conversion process. In three hours (+20oC) the corrosion process will be fully arrested. Afterwards the “Rust-Off” coating surface may be treated with filler mass, anti-corrosion paints or other paints of various types.

Tools must be thoroughly washed with water after use.

The product is not dangerous. Please see more information in the product safety datasheet.

Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. The remainder must be disposed of as dangerous waste in specially designated sites.

Beware of freezing Not below +8oC


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