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Setting time reducer


RETARDER is an admixture for concrete and mortar , increases setting time on every technological stage and ultimate strength of the material by reducing amount of water required

Direction of use

Effectiveness of Retarder will depend on amount used for the mix. Usually 140 g are enough for 50 kg cement (0,34 % of cement weight) , however in higher temperatures or where extended setting times are beneficial for placing concrete The dose can be increased 2 or 3 times.

High doses of the additive have no negative impact to the concrete except increased setting time.
Raterder can be added to the mixing water or mixed with sand.
Retarder has no negative impact to steel rebar, is chloride and nitrate-free, extends the setting times and slows the hydration and hardening process. RETARDER is especially recommended for hot-weather concrete applications. RETARDER improves the long-term compressive strength. After setting, the concrete gains strength as normal, without an additive.


Recommended dosage: 0.14-0.42 l per 50 kg cement bag.


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