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Waterproofer for mortars and concrete


A densifying and restructuring concrete and mortar additive. Chloride free, can be used for reinforced concrete and concrete exposed to water pressure.

Plasticizes fresh mix, reduces occurrence of salts on the surface of masonry construction.
PROOF increases water resistance and is used for waterproof renders and screeds. Prevents cured concrete from dusting. Improves mortar adhesion to bricks.


  • Densifies and structures concrete and mortar
  • Plasticizes the mix
  • Strengthens and increases adhesion
  • Chloride free
  • Stops efflorescence – occurrence of salts on surface of brick wall
  • Prevents segregation of the mix Direction of use

1. The additive must be stired before use, then added into the batch mix during mixing or dissolved in the mixing water.

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  1. Recommended dosage is 0.5-1.0 l per 50 kg cement bag. Water content is reduced equally
  2. Fresh mix must be worked out in 60 min.
  3. For applications for normal( atmospheric pressure ) the plaster has to be at least 20-30 mm thin and applied in two coats. If pressure is higher, then plaster coat has to be 30-40mm thin.
  4. The admixture must be protected from freezing. If frozen – defrost slowly and stir thoroughly.


Recommended dosage: 0.5-1 l per 50 kg cement bag.


PROOF is compatible with other additives such as air entrainer VINMIX, accelerator SPEED. All additives must be added separately.


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