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Universal floor adhesive PL5 is intended for gluing various soft floor covers (wool, textiles, pvc, carpets, etc) to gypsum concrete, woodchip board, plasterboard, pressed cardboard and plywood flooring. The surfaces must be strong, dry and smooth, degreased, and free from dust and dirt. At least one of the surfaces must be porous and absorbent.

Coating procedure: Use a notched trowel (3 – 5 mm large notches) to apply the glue. Allow the glue to dry for 10 minutes, then apply the surfacing material onto the base, press down and level the surface.

Coverage: 0.3 – 0.5 kg/m3 (the coverage depends on the condition of the surface properties of the base and cover materials).

Open time of the glue: 40 minutes (time before the solidification of the glue occurs after application)

Drying time: approximately 12 h, do not start to use sooner than 24 h after the application.


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