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VINCENTS linseed oil


Natural linseed oil without solvents, suitable for interior and exterior use. Especially suitable for painting log buildings, wooden facades, garden furniture, floors, as well as objects made from metal. The paint has good resistance to wear; it provides good protection of wood against sun (UV) light and is very durable. Wood engrained with linseed oil paint is protected from the impact of moisture and damage. Wood painted with linseed oil paint remains natural and breathes.

How to use the paint. The surface of the wood should be dry and cleaned from dirt. Please stir the paint well before using. Apply the paint with a brush. The drying time for the paint is approximately 24 hours, then you can repeat, painting 2 to 3 times if necessary. The drying time is indicated at 20°C air t° and can differ according to the type of wood and smoothness of the surface. The temperature of the working surface and the surrounding environment should be at least +8°C, and the relative humidity of the air can’t exceed 80%.


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