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LINELLA is a wood preservative based on linseed oil, designed for home repair purposes as a wood preservative for items that are handled or walked on, such as tool handles, furniture, or wooden decks and floors. Deepens the colour of the wood.

One litre is enough for 5-8 m2 of the surface.

Instructions for use: A wood surface shall be cleaned, if there is a need for it, and then it shall be polished and disinfected with an antibacterial fungicidal preparation FUNGI by spraying it or using a soft brush for liquid applying. The consumption of the preparation makes up 5-8m2/l. After drying up of the surface, well mixed linseed oil shall be applied with a brush; the linseed oil penetrates into the wooden structure, leaving a matted and dry surface. Sufficient air circulation shall be ensured in the premises, thus accelerating the drying process. After 24 hours, the linseed oil shall be applied on the surface, allowing the full surface saturation take place. The needless linseed oil shall be wiped off, and the surface shall be left for drying up, preferably at 15-20°C and in the shadow.


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