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Fire retardant INWOOD Fire C is used for new andreconstructed structures – for timber (laths, boards,rafters, beams, etc.) processing, thus guaranteeing that wood becomes poorly combustible or poorly inflammable. Fire retardant INWOOD Fire C is also used for the preventive wood anti-fire protection processing

inenclosed building structures that are not directly exposed
to precipitation impact (indoors). Fire retardant INWOOD Fire C can be overlaid (overspread) with other types of coating (varnish, paints) to improve
the wood exterior finish. The mechanism of impact of the Fire retardantINWOOD Fire C – a film-forming coating is created on a wooden surface; this film coating under the influence of flame turns into dry foam layer and prevents flame access
to a wooden surface. Non-toxic, does not containpolybrominated diphenyl
ethers (PBDE). Does not reduce the strength of the wood. After completion
of work, tools shall be washed with plenty of water (especially aluminumparts). Fire safety class C-s2, d0.


Fire retardant INWOOD Fire C shall be applied on a wooden surface with
a brush, roller or a sprayer (2-4 times) with an interval between the applications (treatments) not less than 6 hours, or wooden parts shall be soaked
into baths (basins, tanks, etc.) within time interval from 2 to 24 hours. Consumption makes up 300-500 g/m2. (depending on the type of wood, moisture, surface smoothness, etc.).

During processing, the temperature shall be not lowerthan +5 °C, the humidity of the wood before processing shall be 18%. Store in an airtight container for 24 months. Do not freeze.
See the date of manufacture on the packaging.

FIRE SAFETY CLASS. C-s2,d0, LVS EN13501- 1+A1:2010

(thickness of wood shall be not less than 25 mm).
Operating temperature: During treatment, the temperature shall
be not lower than +5 °C, relative air humidity not higher than 70%.
Higher temperature will have a positive impact on the impregnation of wood.

Wood treatment process shall be performed outdoors or in well-ventilated premises, using protective equipme


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