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VINCENTS Hidrostop H500


Two-component waterproofing on a cement basis

“Hidrostop H500” is a cement-based, flexible, two-component waterproofing intended for waterproofing of swimming pools, water cisterns, balconies, terraces, bathrooms, roofs of the houses and foundations. It retains elastic properties at -20°C and is UV rays resistant! By pre-mix (mixing A and B components), a homogeneous mix is obtained which is intended for finishing of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Application instruction: Surfaces intended for covering with the “Hidrostop H500” must be sound (monolithic), clean, free from dust, oily liquids, biological outgrowth, etc, adhesion reducing strata, etc. Repair works of the Surface damages (cracks, crumbling) must be performed using the product Vincents Polyline “SUPER”. Prior to application, the surface must be moistened with water. “Hidrostop H500” components B must be poured into a clean container and stirred slowly with a mixer, then add powderlike components A, until you get a homogeneous mix. “Hidrostop H500” processing period is 45 min. Apply with a brush, putty knife or high-pressure spraying equipment in two layers. Apply the second layer perpendicular to the first layer and not earlier than the first layer hardens (approximately 4-5 hours). The first layer must be at least 1mm thick. Unstable surfaces: cracks, expansion joints, angles, floor and wall cross-links must be fastened with the glass fibre sieves inserted between two Hidrostop H500 layers. Tile laying works may be started 5 days after application of the waterproofing.

Consumption: 1,7 kg/m2 if applied in a layer of 1 mm. Consumption may differ subject to the surface structure. Store in a closed container at +5 – +30oC. Keep away from freezing and moisture. Storage period: 12 months from the date of production. P261 – avoid inhalation of dust / steam / gas /smoke /fumes /sprays. P280 – use protective gloves/protective apparel. P302 + P352 –

IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH THE SKIN rinse with plenty of water. P304 + P340 – IN THE EVENT OF INHALATION: take the injured person outdoors and keep him in a quiescent state. P305 + P351 + P338

– IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH THE EYES: carefully rinse with water for a few minutes. Take off contact lenses if they are used and if it is possibe to remove them. Continue rinsing. P301 + P310 – IN CASE OF SWALLOWING: Immediately contact the posion control centre or the doctor. P501 – Dispose of the content/containers in compliance with the rules of chemical agents destruction.


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