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HIDROPLAST UV is a high solids one part thixotropic liquid acrylic that dries to form a seamless high performance waterproof membrane. HIDROPLAST UV can be applied to both new roofs and roofs requiring renovation. HIDROPLAST UV dries to form a breathable, permeable to air, waterproof membrane with good UV, low, down to -30oC, temperatures resistance and excellent elongation properties.


HIDROPLAST UV has a wide variety of waterproofing applications and can be used in for : new and old roof decks, concrete, bitumen, zinc, aluminium, slate surfaces as well as bbalconies and terraces.


The concrete/cementitious surface should be sound, clean, free of laitance, surface water and at least 14 days old. Mould and fungus must be removed using antifungal preparation FUNGI.

HIDROPLAST UV can be applied by brush, roller or spray and should be applied in two coats to a sound suitably prepared surface. The second coat should be applied after the first coat has fully dried, within 24 hours of the application of the first coat. The base junctions at upstands, parapet, walls etc should be reinforced with HIDROTAPE, a fibre fabric sandwiched between two coats of HIDROPLAST UV.

HIDROPLAST UV should be protected from mechanical damage after the application has been completed.

HIDROPLAST UV should not be used in conditions of permanent water immersion or ponding.


Tools, brushes, rollers etc are easily cleaned with warm water containing a mild detergent immediately after application prior to the HIDROPLAST UV drying.


Coverage is approximately 1,5 – 3 kg per sq metre per two coats.

DRYING TIME (depends on weather conditions) : 24 h (+20oC, 60%).


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