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VINCENTS Hidrogrunt


Hidrogrunt is applied as the priming agent before applying the hydro insulation Hidroplast – and as the vapour barrier in premises with high humidity level – prior to painting, tiling, puttying, gluing wallpaper and laying hydro insulation. It is also used for the protection of plaster board plates, plastering, concrete, shaving slabs, veneer boards against humidity, hydro insulation of wooden surfaces, and improved adhesion before gluing ceramic tiles. Insulation work can be performed both in dry and humid premises.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Working temperature from +10 to +30°C. The basic surface must be clean, and free from dust, grease and oil stains. Mould and algae are treated with fungicide Fungi or mould liquidating and cleaning agent Fungi Pro.

APPLICATION. On vertical and horizontal surfaces the emulsion is applied with a roller, brush or sprinkled over the surfaces. The time of full drying is two hours at +18°C with relative air humidity of 50– 70%. Store in a closed can from +5 to + 30°C. Beware of freezing. Period of use is two years from the date of manufacture. Please see the date of manufacture on the packaging.

USE: when used as a priming agent before hydro insulation – 1 l/7– 10 m2 (by dissolving 1:1); when used as a vapour barrier – 1 l/3–5 m2 (concentrate).


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