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VINCENTS Hidrofobs H2O


Use. Hydrophobic coating is intended for the treatment of all types of vertical and sloping mineral surfaces, for instance, bricks, concrete, natural stone, wood, plywood, cement plastering, aerated concrete and asbestos cement with the purpose of creating surfaces that do not absorb water. Hydrophobic coating Hidrofobs H2O repels water, lets water vapours through and protects the surfaces of building materials from the influences of atmospheric water. Protects painted surfaces from fading, reduces heat loss.

Instruction for use. Application temperature +8 to +30°C. The treated surface must be clean, dry, cleaned from dust and mechanically unbound material particles. Decor, window glass and other similar details must be covered. Method of application: with a brush, or high pressure sprayer. Applied in one or two layers.

Wash tools and hands with water.

Consumption. 3-6 m2/l depending on the porosity of the surface. Not to treat moist surfaces. Store in sealed container at temperatures of +5 to +30°C. Validity term is two years from the date of manufacture. See the date of manufacture on the package.


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