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FLOORMIX is a liquid additive to floor-heating concrete. Equalises and improves the ability of

the concrete to transfer heat and improves the strenth of hardened concrete.

Main properties

FLOORMIX added to the mix increases the workability, compacting of the fresh concrete, reduces segregation, and by reducing water content by 20%, improves compressive strengths of the cured concrete. The mix gets homogeneous and dense structure. Levelling of a floor is carried out easier and the surface of the concrete turns out more smooth.
Prevents concrete cracking and crushing resulting from substrate work under the influence of temperature.

Direction of use

FLOORMIX is either added to the concrete mix after recurred amount of water has been added or is premixed with the water. Additive must not be added to the dry components of the mix. When it is not possible to calculate exact composition o fthe mix and quantity of the additive, we recommend:

1.To the dry concrete mix a half of water is added and mixed. 2. FLOORMIX is added and mixed.

3.While mixing the water is being added in small portions until desired plasticity and workability is reached.


Recommended FLOORMIX dosage is between 0,25 and 1 litre to 50 kg of cement or to 2% of cement weight.


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