Primer for use under decorative plaster

Product description

Water polymer-based dispersion primer with adhesion-improving additives. Fasadgrunt strengthens the base, increases surface humidity resistance, ensures optimum durability, safe adhesion, thus facilitating the application of decorative plaster on various mineral surfaces. Fasadgrunt is intended for interior and exterior work; it is white in colour and has a high covering capacity, ready for use.


  • For use without preliminary preparation
  • Removes dust from surfaces
  • Improves adhesion to decorative material
  • Evens out and regulates absorption of moisture into the material
  • “Breathing” material
  • Economical in use


    Preparation of the base. The base must be dry, free of organic solvent residue and dirt. It is recommended to remove any layer of mechanically unconnected particles from the surface. Surface defects and materials interfering with adhesion must be removed prior to application of Fasadgrunt.

    Work process. Prior to use, mix the primer. Apply in one even layer. Drying time: 3-4h. Wash tools with water.

    Working temperature. Perform work in dry weather with air and material surface temperature +5o – +25o C.

    Consumption. 0.2-0.3 l/ m2 depending on surface structure.


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