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Dust control formula for gravel roads “DUSTOFF”

DUSTOFF formula is used for dust suppression on gravel road surfaces. It is intended for the treatment of unpaved motorways, home driveways, and building construction access roads. DUSTOFF formula can be used on gravel roads with a granulometric composition of not less than 2.0 mm. Both new and old gravel road surfaces can be treated with the formula.

Principal properties

  • ensures dust suppression on the surfaces of unpaved roads;
  • prevents the collection of dust on roadsides;
  • improves road durability to wear and tear;
  • extends the lifetime of the road surface.

    Instruction for use

  1. The application of DUSTOFF formula is performed under dry weather conditions (without precipitation);
  2. Moistening of the road surface is recommended before the application of DUSTOFF formula, if the surface of the road is completely dry (the best time for moistening of the surface is the evening of the previous day).
  3. Theformulaisappliedontothegravelroadsurfacebyspraying.Theentiresurfacemust be carefully covered with the formula.

The function of the formula

DUSTOFF absorbs humidity from the atmosphere and the soil, as a result of which the surface of the road retains humidity for a long time and thus inhibits dust from rising into the air. It is therefore ideally suitable as a dust suppressant on gravel roads.

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The effect of DUSTOFF formula lasts for 2 – 3 months. The duration of the effect depends on the intensity of traffic and road quality. It is recommended to treat the road twice during the season.

The average consumption of the formula is 1 litre per 2 – 3 m2 of the gravel surface.

Technical data

Colour: light yellow
Form: liquid
Temperature of application: not lower than +5°C
Use of the road: immediately after the application of DUSTOFF formula


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