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Cement and mortar splashes remover TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION

Clean is an acid-based cleaner for removing cement and mortar splashes and stains from bricks, tiles concerte and earthenware.Using special attention should be paid concerning glazed tiles and artificial stones. CLEAN can be used in its concentrated form or diluted with water.


CLEAN removes cement and mortar splashes from natural stones, bricks, concrete, tiles, azbestcement goods, as also takes away efflorescences splashes.


◼ does not alter the colour of the based material ( natural stone, bricks, concrete)

◼ easy and simply application ◼ storage time is not limited


  1. The surface should be moistened with water.
  2. CLEAN should be applied by nylon brush and left for 5 – 6 min untilgaze bubbles stopped.
  3. Coverage 3 – 6 m2/l
  4. Take away the cement splashes with shape brush and and wash offwith copious quantities of water
  5. If it is required the procedure should be repeated
  6. Using for efflorescences splashes CLEAN should be diluted to 4parts of water and repeat the above-mentioned procedure.
  7. Special care must be taken for limestone and marble surfaces due totheir solubility by acid. It should be tried separately before and if required CLEAN should be diluted by water.


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