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The BMP plasticizer is a formulated anionic surfactant solution used as an air entraining agent designed to improve the water retention and workability of cement-based mortars. Improves resistance to cracks due to freeze/thaw cycles.
The BMP plasticizer is suitable for use in all types of mortars using Portland-type cement. May be used at low temperatures (down to +2°C), retaining appropriate conditions for concrete placing work. Helps enhance pigment colour used in coloured mortars, unlike hydrated lime, which can fade coloured mortars or when extra plasticity is required when harsh sands are used.

Main properties

◼ entrains air bubbles and improves mortar saltproof properties, ◼ it is possible to work till + 2° C temperature,
◼ acts as water reducing agent ( till 10 %),
◼ produces more workable mix, easier to trowel,

◼ reduces the risk of staining due to mortar splashes
◼ does not alter the colour of the mortar or concrete and will not corrode steel reinforcement
◼ improves the bonding between the brick and mortar to maintain a weather resistant structure, ◼ allows slower drying out of the water inferring with the initial set strength
◼ especially effective for lean concrete ( with small cement amount)

Method of use

1. BMP may be added directly to the mixer with the water or added pre-mixed with the gauging waterThe gauging water should be reduced accordingly for 10 %. BMP is available to combine with other chemical additives, in mortar mixture it should be added separately. BMP fits all types of Portland cement, including also sulphate proof Portland cement. Storage time is not limited, protect from frost, if it was frozen, the additive should be carefully mixed.

BMP consumption is one bag (0,016 kg) per 40 kg cement

BMP can be combined with other additives such as accelerators SPEED, WINTERMIX, setting time reducer RETARDER, waterproofer PROOF.


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