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VINCENTS Vinplast CL 5


Superplasticizer with retarding effect


Vinplast CL 5 is a liquid lignosulphonate-based superplasticizer that reduces the water content in the mix, increases the workability of the fresh concrete and improves compressive strengths. Slightly reduces cement setting time.


VINPLAST CL 5 is used for various kinds of concrete to increase workability and to reduce water content.

Production of self compacting flowing concrete
Production of vide range of ready-mix concrete
Production of high-strength concrete
Production of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

VINPLAST CL 5 is used
In production of rheoplastic concrete with initial slump to 22 cm without additional water and

with limited segregation of the aggregates.

Increases ultimate strength on the concrete by reducing water amount by 20% and not influencing consistency

Enables economies in cement and water thus reducing costs and shrinkage

Reduces cracking of the concrete by reducing hidratation heat and increases durability of the concrete.

Slightly reduces initial setting time if used in high temperatures and long transportation times.


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Recommended dose of Vinplast CL 5 is 0.2-1% of the cement weight depending on the desirable qualities

Note! : Effectiveness of the additive can be influenced by many factors such as grade and shape of the aggregates, cement content etc.
Trial mixes must be carried out to determine the correct levels of the admixture to achieve the desired concrete properties.

Direction of use

Viplast CL 5 can be added to the concrete mix after water is added or dispensed in the mixing water. No extension to normal mixing times is necessary.


Vinplast CL 5 can be combined with other additives such as accelerators SPEED, FROSTMIX, setting time reducer RETARDER, and air entrainer VINMIX to achieve higher resistance to freeze-thaw cycles .


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