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Silane-Based Injection Cream

For creating or restoring the horizontal damp proof course in a wet wall.

One of the most traditional and simplest techniques of modern technology for restoring or improving a horizontal damp proofing barrier is the injection of wall sealing or hydrophobizing products into a stone foundation of building. The method of injection is based on the creation of channels with a diameter of 12- 15 mm (every 120-150 mm) drilled and deployed slantwise specially for this purpose and filled with an injection material. Injections are made by a non- pressure hand-pressing gun or a low-pressure injection device.

HIDROSTOP i80 is a one-component solvent-free hydrophobizing injection cream with a high concentration of active substances and excellent impregnation capacity, designed to form a horizontal damp proofing barrier, using the method of injection into a stone wall with moisture up to 95%.

Instructions for use: The stone wall surface is cleaned of crumbly, fragile parts. The cracks and cavities are filled with a non-shrinking repair mortar (Vincent Polyline product SUPER). In a stone wall, holes are made, using a 12 mm drill with a step between drill holes not more than 150 mm. The drill holes are made with a downward inclination of 0 to 30°, leaving 50 mm to the opposite surface of the stone wall not drilled. The holes shall be cleaned – blow with compressed air. Using a hand-pressing gun, fill the drill holes with HIDROSTOP i80 and close the drill holes with a moisture-tight plug. If injections are made with a low-pressure injection device (<10 bar), the vertical surfaces above and below the drill holes shall be treated with hydrophobizing material (Vincent Polyline product HYDROFOBS) to prevent filtration of the injection material through the stone wall. In cases where the stone wall is hard to absorb, drilling should be done with a smaller spacing of 80-100mm and in two rows. After injecting HIDROSTOP i80, empty holes are filled with the non- shrinking mortar.

Consumption: 0,3 kg of the injection cream HIDROSTOP i80 per a current meter at a thickness of wall of 22 cm.

Packaging: 600ml cartridge,10kg and 20kg bucket


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