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HIDROSTOP HL110 is a sophisticated formulation consisting of special cements, quartz sands and active chemical constituents which are capable of migrating deep into the structure.The product has the appearance of a fine grey powder which requires the simple addition of water to form a slurry.


HIDROSTOP HL110 can be applied to new or old structurally sound surfaces.It can be applied either to the negative or to the positive side and will negate dampness and ground water permeation even under hydrostatic pressure.

HIDROSTOP HL110 can be used for the following applications : ◼ retaining walls and columns in underground reservoirs,
◼ swimming pools prior to tiling or painting
◼ drinking water tanks-concrete

◼ water treatment and sewerage palnts
◼ support walls and columns
◼ foundation slabs
◼ underground cellars, basement car parks, garages etc. ◼ pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units

◼ tunnels, silos, irrigation channels ◼ bathrooms, kitchens, etc
◼ sand-cement rendering
◼ lift shafts


All surfaces should be clean and free from paint systems, oil, loose dust etc.Surface preparation can best be carried out using a high pressure watre jet, grit blasting or mechanical scabbling.
Repaired areas are coated with HIDROSTOP HL110

It must be re-stressed that HIDROSTOP HL110 performs better on thiroughly dampened surfaces, only then is maximum penetration achieved.dry syrfaces should be saturated with clean water, preferably 24

hours before application of HIDROSTOP HL110 and re-wetted with a mist spray if drying out occurs.
It is important not to mix more material than can be applied to the surface within 30 min at 20 °C.The recommended mixing ratio is approximately 2,5 to 3 parts HIDROSTOP HL110 powder to one part clean water by volume.


by brush ; 1 to 1,5 kg per m2 per layer by trowel : 2 to 2,5 kg per m2 per layer by spray : 1,5 kg per m2 per layer


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