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Solvent-based silicone impregnant


HIDROFOBS is designed for the impregnation of building constructions and materials made of concrete, clinker, brick, etc. Protection of construction elements and whole building constructions against unfavourable external conditions, soaking and destruction as a result of precipitation and dust settlement and the action of other pollutants contained in the air.


  • Impregnant is colourless and transparent
  • Hidrofobs layer enables “wall respiration”;
  • emphasises the natural colour of the substrate;
  • prevents heat lose by keeping wall material dry;
  • intensifies dye colour.
  • Does not form lacquer coats

    Directions of use:

  1. Surface must be clean, dry and sound. All dust and other poorly adhering particles must be removed.
  2. Cracks and other defects must be fixed in advance. HIDROFOBS to the replastered surfaces can be applied after 28 days.
  3. Protect objects which are not to be impregnated (windows, doors, plants).

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  1. Apply impregnant on prepared surfaces using brush, roller or spray gun.
  2. Coverage depends on substrate absorbing capacity.
  3. After 7 days covered surface can be painted with oil or water based paint. If mineral paint are to use, firstly surface must be painted, then treated with HIDROFOBS.
  4. Strictly forbidden use of HIDROFOBS on wet or humid surfaces and in rainy weather.


One litre is enough for approx. 3-6 m2 of the surface, depending on substrate absorbing capacity.


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